Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three Wishes Body Butter by Whish

I received a sample of Three Wishes Body Butter by Whish in my August 2012 Birchbox. I admit, I was excited to receive a product I had no familiarity with whatsoever. Sometimes those are the best surprises.

In this case, no.

I know that pomegranate is the “in” thing right now. Full of antioxidants, it is the new answer to all our beauty problems. However, has anyone not noticed that pomegranates do not have a terrific scent?

Oh it’s not a bad scent, it’s simply not delicious. So when I see a product proclaiming that it smells just like pomegranates, I think “That’s a benefit?”

Scent aside, I still wanted to try this product, so after taking a shower and drying off, I opened up the sample and slathered it on. When I stuck my fingers in the lotion, the first thing I noticed was that this was not a body butter. By definition, “body butter” is thick – you know, like butter. This was a regular lotion that could have been in a squeeze bottle, and not a jar (which is how it came to me in the sample).

The lotion itself is nice. It felt good, and seemed to do the trick (here in Nevada, the air is dry so moisturizing is a must after bathing). However, for the price and the misnomer (body butter instead of simply calling it a lotion), it’s not a product that will replace any of my favorites.

While I personally wouldn’t buy it, I enjoyed the chance to try it. I simply do not think it is a good enough product to oust one of my favorites off my list!