Thursday, August 30, 2012

JR Watkins Lip Tint: Tickled Pink

Have you ever received a product in one of your subscription boxes that you loved, and then could not find… anywhere? That’s the case with me and JR Watkins lip tint in Tickled Pink.

I received it in my January 2012 Eco-Emi box. I looked at the outside, and thought “Hmmm… that’s way too light for me.” I was going to give it away, and then I read something online – maybe from another reviewer – that said the color was complimentary to almost all skin tones. So I thought, “Try it. You might like it.”

Try it I did, and I received SO many compliments about the color and how nice it looked on me. I went to the JR Watkins site and discovered I should be able to find it at my local Whole Foods and Ulta stores.

Nope. Not there.

Went back to the site – I should also be able to find it at Walgreen’s. I made a special trip to my local Walgreen’s, and guess what? It wasn’t there. And it wasn’t at any of the other Walgreen’s either.

Maybe I was mistaken – maybe it was CVS? Went there. No JR Watkins lip tint.

Where the effen hell is it?

I can’t find this product anywhere! I want more of it, and I want it NOW!

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