Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green Grab Bag August 2012

I’ve been subscribed to Green Grab Bag for approximately five months now. This month's bag is probably the least impressive of the bunch, and yet, it was still rather good. Perhaps I was spoiled: in every package previous to this one, I received at least one full size sample. In this bag, I received only small samples… so I admit to being disappointed in that.

There are two main rockin' things that set Green Grab Bag apart from the other subscription services out there:

1) They're eco-friendly and feature organic products.
2) Every subscription offering is packaged in an attractive reusable gift bag.

Despite the picture above, the bag is actually MUCH bigger than that!
Now on to the nitty gritty - here's what I received in this month's bag:Whipped Sugar Scrub by Selma Valentine Skincare: a small jar - probably good for two uses if I'm stingy with it. This particular scent (Summer Breeze) didn't appeal to me, but it also wasn't bad.
Retail price: $15 for 8 fl. oz.
Green Tea Skin Anti-Aging Cream: Two small individual packets, which was disappointing. However, I have used the first packet, and did get three uses out of it. The color is odd - it is brown. The texture is kind of thick, however once on, it blended into my skin nicely.

Retail price: $19.95 for 1.7 fl. oz.

Emtage Hair Silktage Rejuvinating Serum: I received this from another subscription service recently - let me say, it smells WONDERFUL. I have used it on my hair, and love it so far! It might not be a good product for someone with oily hair - but for me it's perfect.

Retail price: $19 for 1.0 fl oz.

Moody Sisters Organic Eye Cream: Super small jar, and not completely filled. I haven't tried this yet, but I LOVE that it came from an etsy shop!

Retail price: $8 for 10 ml

Tierra Mia Organics Raw Goat's Milk Soap: Personally, I'm a shower gel kind of gal, and I don't tend to use soap. This doesn't work in my favor, because I get a soap of some sort in almost every subscription service I belong to. This one smells really good, and I did put it in my soap dish by the sink - seems nice, I'm not using it on my body, just my hands, so I can't speak to if it causes scum build-up in the shower or leaves skin feeling dry. Works great for my hands, though!
Retail price: $7 a bar

From reading other reviews, I discovered some people also received an additional sample - some received a "small" jar of Scrubz Natural Skin Lipz Shea Butter Lip Balm, while others received Neal's Yard Remedies samples. I did not get these - and now I feel cheated!So that leaves yours truly with only five samples, while it seems that most reviewers received six. The travesty! I want an additional sample, and I want one now! (stomps feet!)Next month, the bag will be curated by Whole Body by Whole Foods - I'm looking forward to it... I just hope I don't get gypped like this time!

EDIT: This is an important update - turns out, Green Grab Bag did not gyp me - my cat did! Yes, it is true: Schmutzy Purrkowski decided he wanted to try my Scrubz Butterz before I got a chance to.

The other day, I heard this recognizable chewing sound. I said, "Schmutzy, what the heck are you eating?" He meowed some nonsense at me, so I went to investigate.

He was chewing - or rather trying his damnedest to chew - the plastic seal around the Butterz jar.

I took it away from him, and put it in the bathroom. Then later I took a shower and thought, "hey, why don't you try this Butterz afterward?" Great thought!

The scent is Lavender, and let me say, it doesn't smell like lavender to me, which was a tad disappointing. However, this truly is buttery in feel, and worked great at moisturizing my trouble spots (décolletag, elbows and forearms).

So thank you, Green Grab Bag and apologies from me and my cat!

p.s. Green Grab Bag reached out to me, not once, but twice! Thank you for your great customer service!

Interested in Green Grab Bag? Sign up here - it's $15 a month, and despite my feeling gypped this month, you honestly won't be sorry! Eco-friendly. Organic. Interesting new products, like Moody Sisters from etsy - you can't go wrong!

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  1. Yeah, I felt pretty bummed by this one too. Normally they're fabulous, so I hope this doesn't scare off people who got this one as their first shipment. I told one of my blog readers to hold off on joining until the September bag would be her first one.

  2. I was disappointed by this one too, mostly because the flavor of sugar scrub I got smelled so chemical-y to me ("summer breeze") and some of the ingredients in it were so troubling (

    I should have been really excited because I have been wanting to try a hair oil for a while and I really loved the smell of that one, but I think there's something about seeing all these small containers and tiny sample packets that is disappointing, even if they have a high value. (This YouTube review ( calculated it as $23.78 worth of stuff, which is still a great deal even even if I didn't like everything!)

    1. I wish I was good at math - then I'd add the ROI on the package as well - it surprises me that the value was so high (I saw the same approx. value elsewhere), but it was one of those "Okay, so it's not as bad as I initially thought" moments.

      As stated above, I received the Summer Breeze scent as well. It was a little perfumey to me, but I used it and did like the way my skin felt afterward. So... it was a win, although I wouldn't purchase that particular scent.

      And... I know this is going to sound really strange, but I am not big using sugar scrubs because sugar can cause yeast infections. I know... hopefully a scrub doesn't get anywhere near my nether regions... still, I don't understand the big sugar scrub movement, when it's been proven that sugar can cause a yeast infection (if it comes in contact with that very sensitive girlish area).

      Hopefully this month's will be MUCH more enjoyable!