Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodebox August 2012

Goodebox is the box I started subscribing to after the first time I cancelled Birchbox. Slightly more expensive, I found the box to also be more satisfying than Birchbox. This is one of the few boxes I receive that sends full size items on a pretty regular basis.

Here's this month's box before complete unwrapping:

After unwrapping the bow, this is what I found inside:

The contents:

1) Rare Elements Pure Shampoo Hydrating Hair Bathe: two packets (.7 ml ea.).
Retail price: $34 - 8.5. fl. oz.

2) Rare Elements Essential Conditioner Reconstructing Daily Mask: 1 packet (.7 ml) - My main gripe with the box was with this product - one packet of Conditioner vs. two packets of shampoo - I think that we should have either received two of each or one of each.
Retail price: $44 - 6.5 fl. oz.

3) Arcona Cranberry Toner: 1oz. - Personally, I'm up to my ears in toner. However, I tend to use a lot of it in the summer, especially after I've been out in the garden for a few hours, so I'm sure I'll get around to using this... soon!

4) Arcona Raspberry Resurfacing Peel (1 packet) - I am looking forward to trying this product, however I would not be able to afford a full size (see below for reason why):
Retail price: $68 for 2 oz.

5) Lady Bug Jane Flavor Balm in Vanilla Cupcake - full size.  - As with many beauty box subscribers, I get a ton of lip balms. But, those I don't use do make good gifts - especially around Christmas when you feel like you have to give someone something... but don't want to spend big bucks on 'em!
Retail price: $3.99

6) Evolue Beauty Gentle Cleanser/ Makeup Remover: 1 oz.
Retail price: $23 for 4 oz.

7) Evolue Beauty Day and Night Moisturizer: 1 oz. This will be one of those nice-to-try products, however with a retail price of $80, it's not a product I'll ever purchase - no matter how much I like it!
Retail price: $80 for 1 oz.

8) Member Bonus: There was a card in the box announcing that there were two member bonuses: one in the box, and one to come.
  • In the box: two wooden-handled lash and brow grooming brushes.
  • Outside the box: The card instructed us to email Evolue with our top two skin concerns, and in return we'd receive a hand-picked sample just for us.
According to the Goodebox Facebook page, we will also receive Evolue Beauty Must Have Body Treat Chocolate Scrub. Not sure how it's coming to us - either directly from Goodebox or Evolue.


  • As mentioned above, I don't understand why we'd receive two samples of shampoo, and only one conditioner. It's not a balanced mix!
  • While it's nice to try higher priced items, personally I'm dissatisfied that almost all the products in the box are way out of my price range. It's nice to try both splurges and reasonably-priced products - in this box, everything but the lip balm would be a splurge in a full-size product.

Lasting impression:

Goodebox is still one of my favorites - and this box is a good example of why: in this box, there is not ONE product I've received elsewhere. In other words, this box is full of new products to try and play with - and that alone is what makes Goodebox unique! 

This box also contained a green organza bag, which contained some of the sample items. I love receiving these bags! They're great for tarot cards, regifting, etc.!

Interested in Goodebox? Sign up here - it's $16 a month. Goodebox tailors the box to your profile, so you're sure to receive items that you'll love!

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