Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arcona Cranberry Toner

Smells great, works well!
I received a good sized sample of Arcona Cranberry Toner in my August 2012 Goodebox. My first thought: “Looks pretty, but I have so much toner right now.” Translation: mild disappointment.

That disappointment did not last long – once I used the toner, I realized it is one of my new favorite products!

The toner didn’t look promising – it’s a product that must be shaken before use. And you know how those types of products look before shaken: the separation of the ingredients can make the product seem like it’s not all there or that something is wrong. Rest assured: nothing is wrong with the sample. Simply shake it up before application and all will be well!

The product itself delivers! The label states that this product cleanses, tones and hydrates. That’s a lot of things for a toner to do, and I’ll admit it: I wasn’t sure I believed it – that is, until I tried it.

I live in Nevada. It’s very dry here, and my skin needs extra hydration. There are a lot of products out there that claim to hydrate, but miss the mark on that promise here in Nevada because the air is just SO very dry. However, Arcona Cranberry Toner hit it. After using it, my skin felt good and looked good. It will be the perfect product to use after I’m out in the garden, getting dirty and sweaty.

There is an unexpected bonus: this product smells delicious!

Nitpick: The price. It’s $32 for a full size toner. If you have disposable income, do indulge. If you are frugal (like me), you may find the price too steep for a toner.

Lasting impression: Fantastic product! Delivers the goods as promised, and in a wonderfully fragrant package.