Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Green Grab Bag December 2012

Remember when I said December's boxes fell into the categories of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly? Unfortunately - and it pains me to say it - this month's Green Grab Bag falls into The Bad category.

I've been a big fan of Green Grab Bag, ever since I received my first bag from them. They often have a full size product (or two).  December's bag was a huge disappointment, and I'm not sure it's entirely their fault. Let's face it: as subscribers, we're used to getting really good boxes/bags in December. So for a company to offer a sub par sampling in the month of December is almost like the kiss of death.

It could be that they had trouble getting good sized products for December. Or it could be that they were overwhelmed with their attempt to get the boxes out before Christmas. I certainly don't have a behind-the-scenes look - and I want to afford them ever benefit of the doubt. Still, the fact is the sample sizes were super small, and in the case of Elegant Minerals Eye Shadow, completely stingy.

Here's what was in the bag:

1) Zosimos Botanicals Face Mask: This is a one-use only sample. I'm also not a face mask kind of girl - don't get me wrong, I'll more than likely use it. But... it'll probably be quite some time before I do. I simply can't find the time to slap on a mask and sit still long enough for it to dry.
Retail price: $8-$28

2) Nature Balance Wellness Body Lotion: This is the strangest packaging for a body lotion ever - both samples came in little zip lock style bags, with a picture instructing the use of scissors to cut off a corner in order to apply. The samples are small - probably one use each. While the products are made with all kinds of good things and are paraben and petroleum free, the delivery system offered by a small zip lock bag leaves a lot to be desired.
Retail price: $16.99 for 7.8 fl. oz.

3) Pangea Organics Facial Toner: I know - people love Pangea products. I'm not a huge fan - and honestly, I'm a little sick and tired of getting Pangea samples. I get them everywhere... and that's not Green Grab Bag's fault. But, I guess by now I would hope that Green Grab Bag would sample products from companies not as well known as Pangea. This sample was the only one that could be considered "deluxe" size in December's bag.
Retail price: $12 for 1.8 fl. oz.

4) Elegant Minerals Eye Shadow in Poinsettia: This is the SMALLEST, stingiest eye shadow sample I have ever received. I'm sure it's not GGB's fault - it's what the company itself sent. Even though I do like the product, I wouldn't support them after sending such an itty bitty little sample. If you, though, are interested in buying the product, it does have an additional benefit of providing SPF 15 protection - which I think is a unique feature of an eye shadow. Note: The picture shows what looks to be a full size container, but the amount inside the container is super small and is really just a very small amount.
Retail price: $12

5) Purple Prairie Botanicals Soap: Oh... watch out, I'm going back into Grinch mode. I'm not a soap girl - I use liquid soaps. They leave less scum and are so much easier and cleaner to use. I've got enough soap samples now to stock our local Marriott the next time a convention comes into town.  That said, this sample smells great - and it's labeled as a "shampoo bar." Honestly, I would never use something like this on my hair. Never. But I'll stick it with the rest of my soaps and get around to using it... eventually (as a soap - not on my hair!).
Retail price: $3.99

6) Emily Skin Soothers Baby and Adult Skin Soother: Okay - now I simply want to scream. Look at all the lotions I got in this shipment - you'd never know that they also were giving out a lip balm and a charcoal facial cleanser this month. Why oh why did I not get one of those? I don't have kids - what am I going to do with diaper lotion? As you can tell, by this point I'm weary of this bag of so-called goodies.
Retail price: $13.99 for 1.8 oz.

Nitpicks: Oh man, I think that's all I have this month are nitpicks! Here goes:

1) The super stingy sample from Elegant Minerals. I've received such generous samples from other mineral cosmetic companies, so the size of this one is an absolute disappointment.

2) The lack of variety: Three lotions? That's a bit of overkill... especially since they were also giving out a super great lip tint this month. I would have loved one. Take a look.

3) The sample sizes themselves - small, with one deluxe sample. And I suppose my disappointment stems from the fact that normally we GGB subscribers get really great sample sizes - not this month, the month you would expect to receive the best samples ever!

Lasting Impression: Ah.... well... I canceled. I need to cut back on my expenses, so I was using the month of December to make my choices. Getting rid of GGB was easy after this bag. That's not to say I won't resubscribe if my financial situation gets better... it's just that for the same price, I received a much better box from Eco-Emi in December.

Now... don't go thinking I hate GGB. I've been a big fan for over a year. However, a few had to go and this one failed the December test.

GGB really is a great subscription service. They normally do a great job of curating wonderful products and sharing them with their subscribers. Not sure what happened with the December offering - but it was not up to their usual standards.

Good-bye GGB, I will miss you. Well, after January - turns out I didn't cancel in time, so I'll receive on more bag. Just my luck - it'll probably make me regret canceling. Or that's my hope, anyway.


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      It's not good!