Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eco-Emi December 2012

As always, Eco-Emi was a delight to receive in December. This is probably the best of all the subscription services I receive. It never fails to deliver - never! Their December box is always generous - I haven't been disappointed in a December box yet!

All the items featured in Eco-Emi's December box are all Leaping Bunny Certified products. What does that mean? Well, the Leaping Bunny Foundation reviews products to insure they are curelty-free - and if they are, they qualify for Leaping Bunny emblem. 

Here's what was inside December's box:

1) blissoma Adaptive Energy Tonique: This is a hydration facial product - and believe me, here in Nevada I can use it!
Retail price: $21.99 for 4 oz.

2) Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream: I've tried this before, and I like it! In fact, I'm a big Burt's Bees fan. This is a nice size to put in my purse.
Retail price: $13 for 3.2 oz.

3) Auromere Licorice Toothpaste: Yuck. I was excited that this is a full size product, but um... seriously? Who wants to brush their teeth with licorice flavored toothpaste? Not me, that's for sure.
Retail price: $5.99 for 4.16 oz

4) Chocolate Mint Lip Butter by Organic Indulgence: I actually received this before - and I am FAIRLY certain it was from Eco-Emi. But... maybe not. Homey is getting older and her memory isn't as good as it used to be. Still, I love having these lip balms as they make nice little gifts for people.
Retail price: $2.95

5) Vanilla Bean Granola Chips b Willamette Valley: A nice little treat to try - admittedly I haven't broken into these yet, because I had company for the holidays and it would have been rude to eat these in front of them. I'm taking them with me tomorrow to work - hopefully they are worth every calorie!
Retail price: $4.99 for 6.2 oz

6) Aiyana eau de parfum from Tallulah Jane: I absolutely love this scent - it's so me! It's soft and a tad floral, but also kind of hippie-ish. The description states it's a blend of Moroccan Rose balanced with notes of vanilla and rock rose, then brightened with Italian lemon. I normally don't go for rose-scented fragrance, but this I like. Must be the vanilla and Italian lemon that tone down the rose enough for me to enjoy!
Retail price: $48 for 1 fl oz.

7) Fundamental Face Scrub:  This is one of those hated foil packet samples, but I believe I can get two uses out of this one. And guess what? It's made in my favorite place: the good old US of A!
Retail price: $16 for 8 oz

8) 100% Pure Vanilla Bean Nourishing Body Cream: Damn. They had five different scents to give out, and I got Vanilla Bean. Every time I get a lotion, it's either peppermint or vanilla - I would have enjoyed the coconut! I've actually tried other 100% Pure products before, and they are nice. Still... this is one of those dreaded foil packets - enough for one use.
Retail price: $15 for 8 oz.

9) Eco-Dent: I received two sample products: a dental gum called Between! and a dental powder in Mint (much better than licorice if you ask me). Still, these are very small samples, and I'm not afraid to say I'm disappointed in the size.
Retail price: $1.79 for 12 pieces of gum, and $8.09 for 2 oz. of dental powder

10) Bulldog Skin Care: We received a sample of Original Moisturizer for men - blerg. Last time I checked, I didn't have a penis.
Retail price: $6.99 for 3.3 fl. oz.

11) Apricot Eye Therapy by Better Botanicals.  Another stingy little foil packet! I feel my inner Grinch reappearing.
Retail price: $18.99 for 0.5 oz tube

Nitpicks: Five of the samples were one-use only foil packets (although I am fairly certain I can squeeze out two uses from the facial scrub). That was a huge disappointment. This is the most foil packets I've received in an Eco-Emi box - I guess everyone is tightening up their belts lately!

Lasting Impression: Because the box was so generous, they survived my subscription box cuts! Plus, Eco-Emi has a waiting list - and I didn't want to go through the hassle of being put back on that list. Last time, it took about three months or so before I was able to join!

While I'm disappointed with the over abundance of foil pack samples, Eco-Emi still was one of the best boxes I received in December. They remain one of my favorites!