Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Grab Bag October 2012

Green Grab Bag is an eco-friendly monthly subscription that arrives in a reusable decorative bag. I've been a subscriber for over six months - and I am almost never disappointed.

This month is an exception.

When I look at all the items individually, most give me the happies - so maybe it is the size of the products that is disappointing. You see, Green Grab Bag has been spoiling us with some full size products - so the expectation has been built with precedent. I wouldn't even say that most of this month's products are what some consider to be "deluxe" size. Most will only give one use. Additionally, as this was their one year anniversary package, I - for one - probably expected more bang for my buck.

That said, the products are really nice - and here they are:

1) Me & the Girls Lavandula Revive Foot Softening Creme: This smells heavenly - it's a mix of lavender and mint. My little piggies want me to try it tonight!
Retail price: $25 for 1.5 oz.

2) Beesline: This product is an all-natural alternative to petroleum jelly. Poor PJ - it certainly gets a bad rap. I admit to liking it - it works great on my feet. I must say, though - I'm pretty excited at trying a natural alternative. Although I'm a big proponent of buying products made in the USA, this one is made next door in Canada. I'm down with that - but I'd like it even better if it was made with bacon. Kidding. Or am I?
Retail price: $3.99 for .5 oz.

3) Angelina Organic Skincare Coconut Hazelnut Shea Butter Sugar Scrub: I was first introduced to Angelina products in the April 2012 Green Grab Bag - let me tell you, they're wonderful products. I am sold on them and can't say enough good things about them. I'm not big on sugar scrubs - I prefer salt scrubs myself - but this one is tantalizing me with its delicious scent!
Retail price: $6 for 1.7 oz.

4) Angelina Organic Skincare Dark Chocolate Body Butter: Another decadent product from Angelina - and is the perfect partner for the coconut hazelnut shea butter sugar scrub! I hope they don't run off and elope before I get a chance to use them.
Retail price: $6.95 for 1.7 fl. oz.

5) Ferro Cosmetics Eye Shadow Duo and Brush: This was the most exciting product in the bag - you know we girls all like cosmetics. The samples are generous - I don't know if subscribers  received different shades. I received Champagne (a light neutral - kind of beige in color) and Dirt (a dark brown color). Seriously happy about these shades, as they do suit me.
Retail price: $17 (size not given on site)

6) Kohana Skin Wild Ginger Alaea Salt Scrub: I'll admit it - I am very disappointed that this sample is so small, because salt scrub is my absolute favorite kind of scrub. I will only get one use out of it - if that. Let's call it a half of a use! This product is made with Hawaiian red salt - which excites me even more - I love products made in the USA!
Retail price: $18 for 8 oz.

7) Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser and Cream: These were the most disappointing samples of all - two little tiny tear-away packets that Pangea gives away free with every order. Plus, Pangea is everywhere - I've received samples of this product from every sample box I subscribe to - and I've received bigger samples than these.
Retail price: $16 and $28

Nitpicks: The size of the products! With the exception of the eye make-up and the Beesline, in which a little goes a long way, these products will all be gone after one use.

Lasting impression: Green Grab Bag does a fantastic job of curating products the average person can afford. I do so appreciate that. If I find I love a product, I can usually afford to purchase it - whereas that is not the case with many of the other subscription services.

On a personal note, I am very happy to try two more Angelina products - I am in love with them!

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