Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birchbox October 2012

Ahh... Birchbox! You vex me so! You send out so many great samples to so many of your subscribers, and yet consistently send me crap. Why oh why? Whatever did I do to hurt you?

So yes, once again Birchbox was one big huge disappointment for me. They continue to send me little foil tear-away packets, and yet send wonderful deluxe samples to the rest of the masses. I think I must have pissed them off at some point in time - or they simply do not like me. Not sure what the case is... but here is my October 2012 box. Tell me... do you think it sucked, too, or am I imagining things?

In the box:

1) DDF® Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum (.23 oz) - Sometimes I get tired of receiving wrinkle creams - but this one is really nice. Does it work? I have no idea - the sample isn't big enough to really tell. However, I like the way this one goes on: it's smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. For the price, homey won't be buying a full size product - unless she finds a sugar daddy to marry.
Retail price: $85 for 1.7 fl. oz.

2) OROFLUIDO Elixir (0.17 oz.) - People all over seem to rave about this product - and don't get me wrong, it's a good product. However - and this isn't Birchbox's fault - I have received more hair oils and elixirs in the last few months than I'll ever be able to use. So, in all honesty that why this product did not tickle or delight me when I saw it. And I shouldn't blame that on Birchbox. But I did.
Retail price: $29.99 for 3.4 fl. oz.

3) Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara (0.14 oz) - When I first took the wand out of container, I backed up. It's huge - Ron Jeremy huge. You wouldn't want a penis near your eye, would you? Okay. Maybe you would, you kinkster you. I was actually afraid to use the wand, but I did... very carefully. And wow, did my eyes pop afterward! I wear glasses, so it's important to me to use eyeliner and mascara so my eyes don't get lost. This is a wonderful product. Scary wonderful. And uber expensive, too.
Retail price: $42 for .32 fl. oz.

4) Embryolisse Anti-Aging Firming Cream (two small foil packets) - This product is totally NOT worth the price. I used the first packet up already - it smells funky. I am always a tad hesitant to use products like this when they smell odd. I know they contain oils that could be rancid, and the smell is a bit like an oil gone rancid. But, it looked good so I used it. (The color and texture didn't give the product away as old.) Considering how expensive it is, though, I surely wouldn't purchase this product based on two very small samples which are good for about two uses each.
Retail price: $80 for 50 ml

5) Luna Bar in Lemon Zest: FALSE ADVERTISING ALERT - Everything on my Birchbox account shows I should have received the peanut butter bar - which I am sure I would have loved. But I received the Lemon Zest bar. Ugh. You know? Maybe that's why I'm pissed off at Birchbox this month. I really wanted that peanut butter Luna bar!
Retail price: $18.75 for 15 bars

Nitpicks: The amount of tear-away foil packs I receive is really starting to get this sistah down - one box I received was NOTHING BUT foil packs. Plus, almost everything in this box is a luxury item, meaning "very expensive to purchase." Most people who subscribe to Birchbox don't have tons of disposable income, so I would hope that the boxes would be a mix of upscale products and actual affordable products. This box was not - although a little of the OROFLUIDO Elixir goes a long way, so I can see how that product is good value for the money.

Lasting impression: Okay, I admit it - I am very happy with the Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara. Almost too happy, because there is no way I can justify buying this product when my other favorite, Maybelline Great Lash, is so inexpensive.

Different for October: Birchbox partnered with goop, and that's the box that I received. I didn't opt in - and that was not at all Birchbox's fault. When I canceled my subscription with them way back when, I opted out of emails. That meant that I didn't receive the email asking subscribers to choose their October box (goop or Transformations).

One hears goop and thinks immediately about Gwenyth Paltrow. And when one thinks of her, flawless make-up comes to mind. So I think many people who opted for the goop box were expecting make-up/cosmetics - and with the exception of a very small lip gloss sample and the mascara - no one received cosmetics. Let's face it - that's what most of us want. So, yes, huge disappointment because of the expectation - again, that's not BB's fault - but of course I blame them anyway! Maybe I should just blame Gwenyth Paltrow instead.

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