Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ipsy March 2013

This particular Ipsy bag might not have been my favorite so far - however, that is not to say that it wasn't good. It simply didn't excite me as much as the others - yet.... it still gave me a case of the happies.

The theme was Great Escape - and it was filled with travel sized products to take on a trip to... somewhere. Here is what was inside my jaunty sailor print make-up bag:

LA Fresh - Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes: I love these makeup remover wipes - I visit my dad at least once a month, and they're great to take along with me. They fit in my make-up bag, and do a fabulous job of removing all the make-up I have left on my face after a good night's sleep. 
Retail price: 1.99 for 8 wipes

Juice Beauty - Hydrating Mist: I absolutely love Juice Beauty products. That said, although I was excited to try this, it's not really my thing. I don't spray this type of thing on my face - if I did, my makeup would drip and make me look like I was in a zombie movie. However, I discovered something kind of cool - it is a great little thing to have at hand when I'm having a hot flash. I sprayed some of this on the back of my neck when I was mid-flash, and it helped to cool me off.
Retail price: $22 for 6.75 oz.

GlamRx Mini Freestyle Palette: I gotta admit, this was the least exciting thing in the bag for me - and yet, it is a much loved product by others. I wasn't sure what its purpose was - after investigating (i.e. using Google), I discovered it is a container to put eye shadows, bronzer, etc. in. This was an Ipsy exclusive, so it can't be bought (although apparently Zpallete is similar).

Yaby - Eyeshadow Refill in Seashell & Azalea Petal: I have TWO items to put inside my GlamRx Palette. These colors are nice - although very similar to the Coastal Scent eyeshadow colors I received last month.
Retail price: $3.99 for 3 grams (sample received is not full size - even though it might look like that in the picture)

Nitpicks: First, once again I did not receive tracking information. I emailed Ipsy, and to their credit, they got back to me within 24 hours with a tracking notice. The bag itself is kind of blah - but then again, I sincerely doubt I will keep any of these makeup bags. I usually put them in my donation bag every month. Still, the bag itself went along with the theme (somewhat), and it didn't smell bad like last month's bag did.

Lasting impression: Blerg. This bag wasn't exciting - but I guess they all won't be. However, I was impressed with customer service, and I look forward to next month's bag.