Monday, March 4, 2013

Eco-Emi February 2013

First things first: I love Eco-Emi. I really, truly do. And so it pains me to write my first "meh" review of one of their boxes.

Now had this been a regular box, I might not have been disappointed. But it was their anniversary box - and I expected great things. Not necessarily full sizes... but I did expect a lot of the cool items that has made Eco-Emi what it is today - a unique, eco-friendly, and much coveted monthly subscription box.

The box was also late, and there was some sort of screw up and tracking notices did not go out. I can forgive the lateness: they were hit with a snow storm. And things DO get screwed up once in a while - Mercury is in Retrograde after all - still, those two issues PLUS the underwhelming anniversary box really lent this month a blah flavor.

Without further ado, here is the box:

Serenity Vegan Hair Gel by ily: I haven't tried this yet, but it's supposed to be good for both curly and straight hair. I don't need to use it here in Nevada - the air is dry, so my hair doesn't get frizzy. But I will use it when I go to the Bay Area, which wreaks havoc on my hair. This stuff smells like Jello (that's not necessarily a bad thing!).
Retail price: $16 for 8 oz.

Exfoliate foaming vegan cleanser by Suki: It's a small sample, and I'll use it - but it's not exciting. However, it does smell good - well, like Jello. (Strange how the hair gel and the cleanser smell almost exactly alike, yet are from two different companies.)
Retail price: $32.95 for 4 oz.

Berry Red lip gloss by Purely You Minerals: The one thing in this box that got me excited. It's a nice color that I think wold look good on a majority of women. It's kind of gooey, though, and messy to put on (it came in a pot, but the retail product comes in a wand with an applicator). It tastes like peppermint and contains botanical essential oils and vitamin E.
Retail price: $7.99

Pumpkin Spice Bars by Athena Bars: This is a repeat item - kind of. They sent a blueberry flavor in November. Personally I didn't think it tasted very good, but apparently it was so popular that they repeated the item with a different flavor to for us to try. I'm hoping this one is better - and I do tend to like pumpkin-flavored goodies.
Retail price: $22.68 for 12 bars

Key Lime and Mint Gum by Vitacare: This is another repeat item in a different flavor. Last March, I received the Pomegranate Gum. Personally it wasn't my thing: the flavor didn't last long, and as soon as the flavor went away, my mouth felt dry. 
Retail price: $1.99 for a 12-piece packet

Collagen & Almond enriching moisturizing lotion by Aubrey: What is it with people? Can't they captailize their products anymore? But I digress... this is - say it with me now - A LITTLE FOIL PACKET. And you know how homey hates those. 
Retail price: $9.99 for 12 oz

Peppermint Spice Lip Balm by Moody Sisters: This is the third Moody Sisters product I've received. I love that Eco-Emi supports their etsy shop. I also wish that Eco-Emi would find some other etsy products to promote. Don't get me wrong: I love Moody Sisters. It would be nice, however, to try something new from a different company.
Retail price: $3.95

The Amazing Trio packet of grass. Okay. It wasn't really a packet of grass... it's a "whole food drink powder" and it's raw and gluten free. It's also kind of nasty - and it seems like the "good for you" grass products always are. But it IS full of nutrients that are good for your health, so suck up a little nasty to feel good.
Retail price: $21.99 for 15 packets

Nitpicks: As I mentioned before, an anniversary box evokes excitement and surprise - this box had very little - if any - surprise. Repeat products. Repeat companies. Additionally, there was not even one item that could be classified in the "wow" department.

Lasting Impression: This particular box was packed up beautifully. All the products were contained in a lovely silver tin with a see-through top. Eco-Emi really does put care into their packaging, and it shows.

Despite this less than stellar review, I still love Eco-Emi. I do hope they can get through this slump and revisit their roots - which is what an anniversary is about. I want to challenge them to remember to keep surprising their subscribers with new and innovative green products - to seek out new companies and new products. Happy Anniversary, Eco-Emi - may you have many more.