Monday, June 10, 2013

Birchbox May 2013

Oh yay! It's time (okay, past time) to review my May Birchbox. I can sum it up in two words: Pissed Off.

Apparently BB decided only a few of their subscribers were cool enough to receive the extra special Salma Hayak box. I believe it was an extra box on top of their regular box - at least, that's what one blogger indicated. BB sent out an email to their subscribers asking if they'd be interested. Guess what? Homey did NOT get the email. And this after many assurances from BB that I was on their email list.

Oh BB - you guys never fail to give me the shaft, do you?

So, I missed out on the super cool box, and this is what I got instead:

Okay, okay, that's not all I got. But it sure set the tone for the rest of the box - take a look to see what I mean:

amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask: Oh lookie here, my favorite: a foil pack! Plus it's supposed to be great for colored hair, but the second ingredient is alcohol. I don't understand what these hair people are thinking - alcohol strips color. Ugh. Guess they don't know how to do their homework.
Retail price: $40 for 500ml

Marvis Toothpaste in Classic Strong Mint: At least they didn't give me licorice - that's a plus. Look, the link is going to take you to to check the product out - you are my beloved readers, and I could not subject you to the painfully slow loading and gosh awful Marvis website. It took approx. two minutes for the picture to load in - and they played all this hookey music - as if their toothpaste brought forth a symphony. Blerg.
Retail price: $10.50 for 75ml (seriously - $10.50 for toothpaste? Go to Grocery Outlet and get yourself some Crest.)

Suman Contrast Eye Pencil - Black: Man, not even an exciting color - just black. And small. However, I was very happy to receive at least one cosmetic item, so this did give me a case of the happies. (The pencil I received does not look like the one in the link - that one looks self-sharpening and mine needs some manual labor.)
Retail price: $11

Coola Cucumber Classic Sunscreen SPF 30: Win, win, win. This is NOT an exciting product - but it's one of the first organic facial sunscreens I've received that actually blends in easily. Holy cow - most of 'em kind of are sticky and difficult for the skin to absorb. This one is wonderful - and it smells like cucumber!
Retail price: $32.00 for 1.7 oz/50ml

Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous perfume sample: Finally, Birchbox is sending me fragrance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've only been ragging you about it for two years now. How much longer do I have to rag you now for some Salma Hayek love? I digress... this stuff smells good. I'm not sure if it's totally me, but I'll have fun finishing off the sample while I figure it out. The scent is soft and slightly citrusy with an undertone of baby powder.
Retail price: $69 for 1.7 fl oz & 0.34 Rollerball

Oh... and let's not forget the Acroball pen. That was my Lifestyle extra. Alright, I admit it: I actually like the pen. It's pink and white on the outside, but actually writes with a purple tone. Still... it's no Salma Hayak. (Maybe that's a good thing - she has an awful accent, and when this thing writes, it sounds like me.)

May... hit or miss? Mostly miss. Love the Fabulous perfume, but let's face it, homey could never afford it. Not unless you introduce me to your rich uncle or hunky, fat-walleted single dad. They will love me - I smell Fabulous!

Nitpicks: The fact that I didn't get the Salma Hayak email really ticked me off - and seems like a huge oversight on their part. It put a great big spotlight on the fact that I don't receive any emails from them - even though they told me they fixed the problem. Grrrrrrr! 

They also recently updated the beauty profile questions, and I didn't get notification of that, either. I found out by accident and updated my profile - they really need to get on the ball about notifying their subscribers of changes that affect the subscription.

Lasting Impression: It looks like Birchbox FINALLY is sending me fragrance samples on a regular basis - yay! Thank you.