Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birchbox January 2013

After about six months of lackluster, foil-packet filled boxes, I canceled my Birchbox subscription (for the second time in almost two years) and subscribed to Ipsy to replace it. Even though Birchbox did not notify me that I didn’t cancel in time, guess what? I didn’t cancel in time so I was charged for the January 2013 box.

When BB charged me for the box, I just kind of shrugged and thought, “Watch, this box will be great.” Well, it wasn’t great, but it definitely was good. Good enough to make me resubscribe? Not right now – homey wasn’t lying when she said she had to cut down on her box subscriptions. And since Ipsy was pretty darn good, I’m sticking with that for a while!

Here’s what Birchbox sent me this month:

1) amika Color pHerfection Shampoo: Once again, BB failed to send the accompanying conditioner – they used to do that – what happened? Why are they being so stingy? I know I would really like to try this with its conditioner companion – but since BB was stingy, that won’t be happening. Still, this looks promising: it’s alcohol free!
Retail price: $22 for 14.37 oz.

2) Harvey Prince Skinny Chic: I’ll admit it: I was hoping I would get this. And I did! For the second time, Birchbox finally granted my wish and sent me a fragrance sample. The blend of Meyer lemon, white grapefruit and pink plumeria is supposed to help with weight loss. I don’t know if it’ll help me lose weight, but what I do know is this: I love it! Thank you, Birchbox! You finally gave me the happies!
Retail price: $21 for a roll-on, $55 for 50ml

3) My™ Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer: I’ve been using this every morning since it arrived, and I like it. Does it do what it says it does? I’m not convinced. I think my face is still kind of shiny at the end of the day. But… it goes on easy, and it doesn’t have a funky smell, so all in all I consider this a win. But, I certainly wouldn’t pay $68 dollars to get myself a full-size – that’s crazy talk!
Retail price: $68 for 2 fl. Oz.

4) theBalm cosmetics Hot Mama: I saw rave reviews for this, and so of course I wanted it. And guess what? I got it! The description states it’s a “universally flattering pigment.” I might have to disagree – it’s a little too peachy for me. But, I wanted it and I got it, so who am I to complain?
Retail price: $20

Then there was my Beauty Extra – let me tell you, I’d much rather receive a beauty extra than a Lifestyle extra. Most of my Lifestyle extras have sucked the big red one. (But I did love my Kind bar way back when – and of course the one and only time I received chocolate I liked that as well!) My beauty extra was a small foil packet (insert scream here) of Deborah Lippmann’s the Stripper to go. I’m not sure how to judge how this works, since it seems like it’s only one glove for two hands. I’m not convinced it’ll work – but hey, it’s an “extra.”
Retail price: $12 for a set of six.

Nitpicks: The fact that the amika Color pHerfection Shampoo did not come with the accompanying conditioner. I don’t know how we are expected to really judge the product if we’re using it with a conditioner that might not chemically enhance the shampoo.

Lasting Impression: I received two products I did want to try – so that does give me the happies! 

Will I resubscribe to Birchbox? Ummm... never say never. But after almost two years of boxes, I can count the amount of boxes I liked on one hand... or rather, four fingers. 

I know they give out good stuff... I read the reviews! But somehow I never get the "good" boxes, and almost always get the foil-packet filled ones. So... I think I'll hold off for a while.